hawks’ Music Studio #1  is located in the town of Anadarko, OK; #2 is in the heart of Chickasha, OK, #3 is in Marlow,OK. Email me  at for all studio addresses and my cell number.

My studios serve all ages and abilities – anyone can learn. Voice, Piano/Electronic Keyboard/ Percussion/Drums,  Guitar  and Bass are all taught during the week. Weds at the Anadarko location, Mon/Tues/Fri- during the school year at the Chickasha location and Thurs at the Marlow location. Most styles of music are taught once the student has learned to read music.  Having the 2nd studio in Chickasha enables me to be able to offer more options in make-up lessons and the availability of a performance venue in the concert hall portion of the building.

Your lesson fee covers the lesson, your lesson materials (if printed by me), and, when possible, a lesson CD-RW that is recorded over every week. Any other lesson materials that you may need I can provide in the studio for the going local rate.  A standard 30 mins per week is usually offered, however longer lessons are possible once the student has established the desire and the ability to practice long enough to be able to handle more work.

Monthly tuition is payable at the beginning of the month. Some flexibility, by prior arrangement, is possible if your paycheck and my billing don’t coincide. Family and referral discounts are available. A lesson policy is handed out at the first lesson so that the student understands their responsibilities and what to expect of the teacher. The lesson policy also details how absences are handled. You pay for my time and that must be respected or I can not stay in business.

Some supplies are available onsite at the Anadarko studio and other supplies can be ordered. The Chickasha studio  is so close to a music store that, with prior notice, I can stock what is needed. Also, there is a very good music store in Lawton which is working with me to make sure I can get all the music books I need.

All students MUST have an instrument at home upon which to practice. Students bring their own instruments to the lessons so that they are comfortable when playing and I can also monitor them for any breakdowns. A piano is provided in the Anadarko studio for piano students. A touch sensitive electronic keyboard is provided in the Chickasha studio for piano students. Electronic keyboard students bring their own keyboards to the lessons. A drum kit is provided in each studio, students bring their own sticks and mallets. Guitar and Bass students must bring their own guitars. Electric guitar/bass  students in Anadarko and Chickasha do not need to bring their amps as amplification is provided at the studio. In Marlow an amp will be necessary as I do not have a PA system there at my disposal.

Voice lessons are recorded, live, on CD to aid in home practice and a karaoke set up is used in the studios. Voice students are encouraged to purchase a decent karaoke machine that will record their voice so that they can not only sing with back-up arrangements (with a good pitch changer) but also be able to listen to each practice session.

Some rental instruments are available, but only to students.

Please direct all email to: as I no longer use the localnet email address.